Osmanlıca İmla Kılavuzu 2.0.1 [free]


The g Osmânlıca İmlâ Kılavuzu oloj, which was brought to life by the Hayrât Foundation in August 2016, has now met with you as a mobile application with the buzzing technology
in our lives. In order to be able to read and write correctly our words, which are the key to our cadre's codes of law, we will be able to reach this important source of work
by means of practice.
The fact that the Foundation has reached 1 million people through the studies conducted in order to learn and spread the Ottoman Turkish, strengthens our hopes that this
number will increase with the opportunities provided by the technology and prepare the ground for the resignation of the wider masses.
Below you will find the results of this study which will be useful for everyone.
- Possibility to work without internet
- Search in Turkish-Osmânlıca
- Finding the exact word / writing / smart finding
- Instead of Osmânlıca letter, which cannot be read in words? finding easy words by typing
- Automatically update data automatically from the Internet
- Copying / sharing information with line scrolling
- Display of new words in every opening / search
- Hold the screen in standby mode and fetch a new word
- 110,000+ words
- Turkish Language Institution data
- The foreign language of foreign words
- The names of the Divine and Sanjak Empire (Kûtüâl-Emâre ...)
- Contact names 10,000+
- place names in Turkey
- the names of towns in Turkey
- Country names and capitals in parentheses
- Arabic phrases
- Persian phrases
- Masdar and ordering of Turkish words
- Osmânlıca spelling of words from 40 languages ​​to Turkish (spelling)
- Leave in Turkish
- Consistency Softness
- Easy spelling of Arabic / Fârsça phrases commonly used in Turkish
- Recitation of old Turkish words
- Short linguistic information in order to distinguish the words with the same spelling in Turkish.
- Transcription writing of all foreign words

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  • 앱 이름: Osmanlıca İmla Kılavuzu
  • 종류: 교육
  • 앱코드: com.hayrat.imlakilavuzu
  • 버전: 2.0.1
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  • 업데이트: 2023-09-19