Proceedクラウド 1.2 [free]


"Proceed Cloud" is a photo management app specialized for heavy industry production sites.
* To use this app, you need a cloud service contract (paid) with Proceed Cloud and Tokyo Factory Co., Ltd.
◆Characteristics of Proceed cloud◆
• Based on the construction information registered in advance on the PC, the information such as "materials" and "process" can be easily flagged in the process photos so that
the photos can be easily and easily organized for each project.
• Write and comment on photos. Forward the message to the email address of the person who is marked with @ by adding @ in the comment field and entering the name of the
• Significantly reduces the time and effort required to create a blackboard using the electronic small blackboard function

이전 버전

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  • 앱 이름: Proceedクラウド
  • 종류: 라이브러리 및 데모
  • 앱코드: com.tokyofactory
  • 버전: 1.2
  • 요구 사항: 5.0이상
  • 파일 크기 : 13.37 MB
  • 업데이트: 2023-05-26