Remote Viewing Tournament - Learn ESP & Win Prizes 1.10.0 [free]


Discover and develop your natural psychic remote viewing abilities, and compete to earn prizes! Remote viewing is a technique that allows anyone to learn
to perceive information from a distant place or time. With RV Tournament you can sharpen your remote viewing skills by practicing with a new target each day. Plus, the top
scoring users will receive a prize at the end of every month!
RV Tournament will walk you step-by-step through the process of remote viewing, so it's perfect for both experienced remote viewers and those who are just starting out.
Whether you’re simply curious to learn about ESP or want to hone your psi skills, RV Tournament is a rewarding way to do it.
• Learn remote viewing with step-by-step tutorials
• Sharpen your skills with a new practice target each day
• Top performing players receive a prize at the end of each month (available only in the U.S.)
• 100% FREE, full version!
Practice and test your intuitive psychic skills daily, and contribute to a parapsychology experiment investigating the nature of ESP and precognition. Every month the top
performers earn money in the friendly tourney style contest. Sharpen your intuition with this free psychic training app!

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