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♣ This app cannot be used without the H2-BP blood pressure monitor. ♣
1. App information
The H2-BP app is an app that helps to manage health by storing blood pressure data measured with the wrist band blood pressure monitor and displaying it in a graph.
2. Main functions
(1) User Information Management: When you log in after signing up, you can enter and manage basic user information and modify the user information in the profile menu.
(2) Bluetooth pairing: The data is sent in pairing with the H2-BP
(3) Blood pressure: You can view the data in a graph/list and input the measured blood pressure data directly.
(4) Weight: You can view the data in a graph / list and input weight to indicate the weight remaining weight up to target weight.
(5) Alarm: Provides alarm function to measure blood pressure at certain time intervals.
(6) Data export: The stored blood pressure data can be saved as an Excel file.
3. Required permissions
(1) Storage space: The appropriate permissions are required for file processing to input user information/blood pressure/weight.
(2) Camera: Camera permissions are required to change the profile picture of user information.
(3) Location information: Pairing with the H2-BP blood pressure system using Bluetooth requires android authority and location information.
Supported languages: Korean, English
Tested mobile phone models: Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi MI5, Galaxy Note 4
If you have any questions, please send it to the following:
▣ Email: [email protected]
▣ Website: www.h2care.com
▣ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Htwocare

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