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Introducing "Alloo Locator - Stay Close, Stay Connected":
Life can be unpredictable, but with Alloo Locator, you'll never have to worry about losing touch with those who matter most. Our comprehensive GPS location tracking solution
combines the features of a family locator, phone location tracker, and real-time location sharing, all in one convenient app. Stay informed about your loved ones' whereabouts
and surroundings with our innovative and free family location tracker. Enhance your connections and ensure their safety with Alloo Locator's unique advantages.
Key Features:
Private Circles: Your privacy is our priority. Only members within your private circle can access each other's locations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience.
Real-Time Location Updates: Instantly know where your loved ones are with real-time location updates on a user-friendly map.
Location History: Access a comprehensive 7-Day Location History, reliving your loved ones' journeys and activities for enhanced peace of mind.
Safe Zones & Places: Create safe zones and receive instant notifications when your loved ones enter or leave designated areas.
Smart Alerts & Notifications: Stay informed about arrivals, departures, low battery, and incoming calls.
Surrounding Sounds Monitoring: Listen to your loved ones' surroundings for an added layer of protection.
Video and Photo Sharing: Share real-time videos with your family to stay connected like never before.
Screen Status Monitoring: Understand their active hours to avoid disturbing important moments.
Call Detection: Know if your family member is on a call before reaching out.
Loud Phone Ringing: Activate remote loud ringing to locate and connect with them easily.
Private Text Messaging: Share personal updates and stay connected in a private chat.
Voice Messages: Send audio clips to make every conversation more personal and memorable.
Emergency SOS Button: Swiftly send emergency alerts, including precise location, to designated contacts.
Visible/Invisible Mode: Choose to share or hide your real-time location, respecting personal space.
Privacy Settings: Customize your privacy settings to align with your family's dynamics.
Data Privacy at Its Best:
We never store your data on our servers, ensuring complete privacy and control.
User-Friendly Setup and Interface:
Alloo Locator is easy to set up, making tracking effortless for you and your loved ones.
Free to Use:
Enjoy all features without any cost, supported by non-intrusive ads.
Data Deletion Made Easy:
Easily delete all your data for a fresh start whenever you choose.
Top-Notch Data Encryption:
All location data is encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection.
Battery-Friendly Design:
Minimal battery consumption, enabling usage all day long.
Stay Connected Offline:
Track locations even without an internet connection.
No Logins, No Hassle:
Skip logins and sign-ups, and dive straight into tracking.
Experience Alloo Locator's unparalleled benefits and ensure the safety and closeness of your family. Download now and embrace a journey of love, care, and security for your
loved ones!
Please note:
- This app is designed to respect people's consent by requiring their acceptance of your invitation to join your circle.
- For locating a lost phone, Alloo Locator must be installed before it goes missing.
- Only members within your circles can be assigned as SOS contacts.
- This app includes advertisements in order to offer its services for free.

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